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Because R is adorable!
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KND - Numbuh 86, Fanny Fulbright by McKinleyMassacre KND - Numbuh 86, Fanny Fulbright :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 10 2 KND - Numbuh 362, Rachel McKenzie by McKinleyMassacre KND - Numbuh 362, Rachel McKenzie :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 9 2 Edd x Marie by McKinleyMassacre Edd x Marie :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 13 2 Dib - Aliens by McKinleyMassacre Dib - Aliens :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 0 0
DS: The Dark Within (Chapter 1)
He needed that spider silk, and now all of a sudden he couldn’t find any spiders. They seemed to be absolutely everywhere just a day ago, and now it’s like they all had packed their dens onto their backs and walked away.
“Friend? No spiders,” Hadrian said to Wilson.
“I know.”
The forest was getting to him. The sun was starting to go down, and the twilight shadows kept playing tricks on him. Creepy tricks.
Here there be monsters.
That line came to him every time he thought he saw something. The scary thing was, there could be monsters here. Hell, he found pigmen and monster-ish spiders already, and whatever Chester was. Who’s to say there weren’t real monsters in whatever strange world he was trapped in?
That thought just made him more paranoid.
“What other things live in this world?”
“Don’t understand.”
Wilson almost wanted to slap the pigman. How could he n
:iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 6 7
Strange New World A Minecraft Story (Prologue)
He was the outcast. No one liked him. He was always alone. He didn’t quite understand. What was he doing wrong?
You’re strange, said the others. You do weird things.
What was weird? That he moved blocks to better places? It wasn’t his fault the ground sometimes had funny holes in it. The others were always the ones that messed up the landscape anyway. It had nothing to do with him. He was the one that fixed things. What was so strange about that?
The Ender Dragon flew overhead, beating it’s wings heavily. It hated him too. He was scared of it. He had to get away from this place. Was it night yet?
Not quite. Just a few more hours until sunset. Then he could escape. Escape and put things back where they belong.
The crashing of waves was all she could hear. The smell of salt was in the air, and bright sunlight warmed her face, but she couldn’t open her eyes; they were heavy like lead.
What was going on?
She couldn’t even
:iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 3 3
Hellcat WIP by McKinleyMassacre Hellcat WIP :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 7 18 Pyramid Head BASE COMPLETE by McKinleyMassacre Pyramid Head BASE COMPLETE :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 12 35 Logan (Coloured Concept) by McKinleyMassacre Logan (Coloured Concept) :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 2 3
DS: The Dark Within (Prologue)
Wilson couldn’t handle it anymore. This whole ‘living in the wilderness’ thing was for the birds; quite literally. There were birds everywhere. Red ones, blue ones. And they were all so annoying. The moment he dared to try and think, they started chirping. Like it wasn’t hard enough to concentrate on his science machine, but then the damn birds started up. It was like they were waiting just for him to start working again. Now that he thought about it, they probably were. Maxwell probably had them under his control. He was probably being watched through them.
He sighed. He could imagine Maxwell, sitting in a throne somewhere, viewing Wilson through the eyes of those birds, and laughing at him. Laughing at his despair and fear, which he was careful not to show outwardly, but he knew Maxwell could sense it in him.
“Berries for friend!”
Wilson turned away from the science machine to see Hadrian returning from a walk.
Hadrian had been abandoned in
:iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 6 6
Concept Headshot and Bio: Elliott by McKinleyMassacre Concept Headshot and Bio: Elliott :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 1 0 Werewolf Jawset WIP (Unpainted) by McKinleyMassacre Werewolf Jawset WIP (Unpainted) :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 7 7 Dying to Survive by McKinleyMassacre Dying to Survive :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 4 4 Post-Apocalyptic Daytime-The Greenery by McKinleyMassacre Post-Apocalyptic Daytime-The Greenery :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 3 2 Werewolf Jaw WIP (top jaw only, no gums) by McKinleyMassacre Werewolf Jaw WIP (top jaw only, no gums) :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 3 4 Sportacus by McKinleyMassacre Sportacus :iconmckinleymassacre:McKinleyMassacre 13 6


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McKinleyMassacre's Profile Picture
Wesley McKinley
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
MY PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! I'm doing a revamp. A lot of my gallery is missing. I'll fix it all soon!

--->Obviously by my cosplays, you'll realize I am in fact actually a girl. McKinley is just a character I like to to use to represent myself online. No, I'm not ashamed of myself, or anything like that. He's just a fun character I love and created based off my own life, and he's a huge part of me, and I enjoy using him as myself. and giving him life You can call me he or she online, I won't be offended by anything. <---

If you'd like to follow my furry and anthro work, I have a separate account for that. I know a lot of people on this side of my account don't care about furries, and a lot of my people on my furry account don't really care about my other work, so I just decided to separate the two and let people follow what they want to see from me.

About me:
☣I'm asexual. Please don't be creepy.☣
☣I don't drink or do drugs. Unless that drug is coffee.☣
☣I love coffee☣
☣I'm Christian☣
☣I like to wear dark things and chains☣
☣I don't always wear dark things and chains☣
☣I'm basically a goth but a rebel to labels so I'm not always dressing goth. Ironic isn't it☣
☣The only makeup I wear is black nail polish and eye liner, unless I be cosplayin'☣
☣If you're nice to me, I'm nice to you. If you're a jerk, I'm gonna be a jerk back☣
☣I like to help people with artsy things. Please feel free to ask☣
☣I suffer from severe anxiety, secondary depression, and mild OCD, but it's gotten a lot better. If you need to talk, Note me☣

I enjoy the macabre, disturbing, and all things horror, but I also love cutesy things, hence my adoration for Star Butterfly, Gravity Falls, and Pokemon. And yes I am a Christian goth. I am fan of the traditional gothic subculture (minus the open sexualities that appeared later in the game, I'm not a sexual person). Darkness and monsters are two of my favorite subjects, generally speaking of course. While a lot of people don't see it, I find gothic art to be tragically beautiful, and much of my art incorporates such. Of course, I love horror in a general sense, not just pure gothic stuff.
I also don't do any drugs, and don't really drink except for celebratory or tasting purposes. I don't enjoy getting drunk or being high. I have work to do, and that impedes me from doing it. I make all kinds of costumes, and I also do some video game design, general 2D art, and writing.
Even though I often look intimidating, I promise I'm friendly and nice, and I love hugs, even out of suit.
If you ever need help with something, artsy or otherwise, I'm here, and I will help.

--->My Main Cosplays:
These are cosplays I wear commonly to conventions.
Peridot (probably who I'm best known for)
Wendy Corduroy (usually with my boyfriend who cosplays Robbie)
Marie Kanker (and with my boyfriend who is Double D)
Team Skull (though I pretty much exclusively wear this to furry conventions)

--->Special Cosplays:
Cosplays I only bring on request or for special occasions (like signings, etc).
Ellie (with my dad as Joel) (also my first official cosplay ever)
Ashley from Until Dawn (with my dad as Psycho)
Bluetooth the alien from Attack the Block
Piper Wright (it's a vinyl coat so it's REALLY hot)
Vanellope von Schweetz (cosplays needs repairs, second cosplay I ever did)

Pop-culture stuff I really like:
Pokemon (I don't judge Pokemon by their generations, either; also, I'm Team Skull), Silent Hill (not the movies), the original Resident Evils (everything BEFORE 5, and not the movies), Scott Pilgrim (comics and movie), Final Destination (all but 4 which sucked), Borderlands (I have a ton of signed stuff after meeting the cast!), Fallout (grew up with it, got me through a lot of hard times; also I like ALL of them), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (book and movie, not so much the 1971 version), Star Wars (yeah I like the new ones, leave me alone if you don't), a lot of dystopia novels (my favorite genre), Captain Underpants (I swear to God don't judge me), a lot of cartoons (ranges from Kids Next Door and Ed Edd n' Eddy (oldies) to Gravity Falls and The Loud House (some new cartoons still got it!), FLCL (Fooly Cooly), Zero Escape series (liked before it was a series, actually), Saw movies, Ace Attorney and Professor Layton series, Disgaea series, will add more soon, busy updating other things

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